PFAS is everywhere. This virtually indestructible man-made substance is found in humans, wildlife, rivers, oceans, and microorganisms. Originally developed to improve products and product performance in everything from fast food wrappers to fire extinguisher foam, it now contaminates everything from bottled water to organically-grown fruits and vegetables.

Nature cannot break down the molecular bonds of PFAS which is why they are called “Forever Chemicals.” As we continue to be exposed to and ingest PFAS through food and water, physical contact with products containing PFAS, and inhalation of nanoparticles in our air, PFAS builds up and accumulates in our bodies. Even in parts-per-trillion—what would normally be considered an extremely low concentration compared to other chemicals in our system—PFAS can cause chronic health issues in humans.

To attack this challenging problem, Onvector, LLC, has developed a technology that obliterates PFAS in water. By delivering aqueous electrons that are “hot” (50 to 100 eV) Onvector’s innovative Plasma Vortex reactor essentially shock-treats water with a bolt of lightning. Plasma Vortex works together with existing PFAS remediation systems such as reverse osmosis and ion exchange in order to handle greater volumes and treat them more effectively than other current technologies.

Onvector’s Plasma Vortex technology is a definitive solution for PFAS destruction in groundwater remediation.

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