Onvector harnesses the power of plasma for total PFAS destruction

Working to create a sustainable future

Public Health and Safety

Reduces community hazards

Human Health and Wellness

Reduces exposure to humans

Improve Environmental Impact

Helps protect from PFAS contamination

Meet Regulatory and Compliance Standards

PFAS destruction without air emissions

Onvector’s Plasma Vortex Technology destroys PFAS forever

Industrial Remediation

AFFF Remediation

Removal of PFAS in groundwater caused by Firefighting Foams

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Industrial Remediation

Industrial Remediation

Clean-up of PFAS in contaminated soil and groundwater

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Management and destruction of PFAS in the leachate wastewater stream

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Industrial Process Water

Industrial Process Water

Reducing PFAS in high-concentration manufacturing process water and wastewater

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News and Insights

What is PFAS?

PFAS, a group of manufactured chemicals, are used in products ranging from firefighting foam to pizza boxes. They’re found in industrial wastewater, groundwater, landfill leachate and many other places. These ubiquitous chemicals are hazardous to humans even in parts per trillion concentrations.

Join Us

Join our fast-growing Cleantech company at the forefront of PFAS destruction technology. At Onvector, we’re seeking passionate and dedicated individuals with expertise in PFAS remediation and a drive to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability.
  • Play a critical role in combating PFAS contamination
  • Help shape the future of PFAS remediation
  • Collaborate with industry professionals in creating a healthier planet.