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EPA adds 7 more PFAS varieties to its Toxics Release Inventory program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is updating the list of chemicals subject to toxic chemical release reporting under the Emergency […]

Competition to destroy ‘forever chemicals’ heats up

Onvector Announces $1.25M Pilot Contract for PFAS Destruction

Investment in CleanTech Expands Options for Military Base Groundwater Cleanup BOSTON, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Onvector LLC announces it […]

Concentrating on Solutions: The Emergence of PFAS Remediation Technologies

By Richard Higgins, CTO of Onvector “While the reality of per- and polyfluoralkyl substances in the soil and groundwater on […]

Onvector Secures $2.5 Million Seed Round Funding Advancement of Innovative CleanTech PFAS Destruction Technology

BOSTON, MA [July 11, 2023] – Onvector LLC, a fast-growing innovative water tech company, focused on safe, environmentally healthy treatment […]

Partnership Launched with Irrigation Water Manufacturer

Onvector is leveraging its expertise in plasma water treatment to integrate high-efficiency plasma with irrigation water systems.

U.S. Air Force Awards Onvector Phase II Research Contract to Destroy PFAS Forever Chemicals

Onvector to deploy its Plasma Vortex technology for enhanced groundwater remediation at Air Force sites.

USDA looks to Onvector for Irrigation Improvements

USDA has awarded Onvector with funding to develop new plasma-based technology and apply it towards irrigation systems.


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What does the EPA’s new Superfund rule for PFOA and PFOS mean?

The US-EPA’s announcement of 19 April 2024 about PFAS has many companies, federal agencies and local or state facilities investigating [...]

What will come from the new rule on PFAS in drinking water?

As of 10 April 2024, new regulations are now in place regarding PFAS in the United States. To quote the [...]

PFAS Destruction: The No-Longer-Missing Link

A lot of discussion around PFAS has focused on how to remove it from the natural environment. There are good [...]

PFAS has ubiquity and diversity but needs help with concentration. What does that mean?

Many business discussions and technical discussions we’ve had about PFAS seem to be driven by three main themes: ubiquity, diversity, [...]

How to Approach PFAS Removal and the Impacts it has in Water

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl substances, collectively known as PFAS, is a group of manufactured chemicals coming under increasing scrutiny from the scientific […]

The race to destroy PFAS, the forever chemicals

Keeping PFAS in biosolids out of your food

Generally, taking a waste product and using it for a good purpose – like increasing food production – is a […]

How to stop PFAS from sneaking out the back door of a landfill

Today’s landfills play a big role in keeping humanity and nature safe. Landfills lock away many harmful materials, including heavy […]

What tools are in the toolbox for fighting PFAS impacts?

The many kinds of PFAS are called “forever chemicals” because of the difficulty of making them harmless. But there’s been […]