Onvector Secures $2.5 Million Seed Round Funding Advancement of Innovative CleanTech PFAS Destruction Technology

BOSTON, MA [July 11, 2023] – Onvector LLC, a fast-growing innovative water tech company, focused on safe, environmentally healthy treatment of hazardous water and wastewater contaminants, today announced that $2.5 million has been secured in a seed round of funding for technology development and commercialization.

Onvector’s Plasma Vortex technology can destroy PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals’, using ionized gas (“arc lightning”) at lower capital and operating costs than what is available today using high-temperature, high-pressure PFAS destruction technologies.

The round included investment from multiple private investors. Funds will be used to construct additional systems of increasing size, incorporating Onvector’s patented plasma water treatment technology, to support technical development and commercialization, and for working capital.

“With this seed funding, Onvector will expand our business development and product development teams as we commercialize our state-of-the-art plasma technology,” said Daniel Cho, CEO of Onvector, “and will continue to allow our team to pave the way to provide groundbreaking solutions to preserve environmental sustainability and improve human health and wellness.”

Onvector’s team brings innovation to the industry with advancements in clean tech that accelerate the opportunities for the industry to meet upcoming EPA guidelines and new regulations for advanced contaminant removal, such as PFAS.

The company’s Plasma Vortex technology is being validated for environmental remediation in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force.

About Onvector
Onvector provides water solutions with their proprietary Plasma Vortex technology addressing difficult PFAS removal in applications such as AFFF foam, federal environmental remediation, and landfill leachate. Providing best-in-class cold-plasma-based systems for final destruction of hazardous water contaminants, known as PFAS or ‘forever chemicals’, while creating a more sustainable future for clean water sources. Learn more at https://onvector.us and follow us on social media Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter