Our Company

Onvector is a science-based cleantech company on a mission – we’re solving one of the most difficult environmental problems facing our planet—PFAS remediation.

Our focus is on creating better ways to purify water by tackling one of the most challenging problems in water purification.

Helping solve the PFAS puzzle

The challenge we’re solving is from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). They’re a class of manufactured chemicals that have been widely used going back half a century in firefighting foam, breathable outerwear, non-stick cookware, fast-food packaging and many other products. High concentrations of PFAS can be found near firefighting practice areas, in landfill leachate and in some industrial wastewater.

Now, there is increasing scientific, political and public concern about PFAS as a health risk. It is found in over 98% of human blood. The US EPA is considering putting some kinds of PFAS under CERCLA, also known as Superfund – showing the concern that the EPA has around PFAS. Some of the most pressing concerns are around PFAS-impacted water that migrates underground, perhaps contaminating drinking-water wells.