USDA looks to Onvector for Irrigation Improvements

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has awarded Onvector funding to develop and demonstrate a new type of plasma-based, non-chemical water treatment technology. This innovation is an inexpensive and reliable means to treat non-traditional source waters for use in irrigation.

Beneficial reuse of non-traditional source waters, such as wastewater, for irrigation is a vital national priority as droughts and water shortages become increasingly frequent and intense in the U.S.

Onvector’s advanced systems combine innovations in power electronics and fluid dynamics to help fulfill USDA objectives for creating and commercializing innovative technologies that conserve, improve and protect water resources while sustaining optimal farm productivity and profitability.

Joe Henderson
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Onvector: Onvector is an innovative cleantech company innovating at the nexus of energy and water. We harness advances in fluid dynamics, power electronics, and advanced materials to develop and deploy non-chemical plasma water and wastewater technologies. Plasma is ionized gas (like lightning) and is more robust than ozone or UV alone. Our solutions are designed to reduce cost and energy for treating wastewater in today’s most vexing industrial environments. Learn more at

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