Plasma Vortex destroys the hardest to treat contaminants in water and wastewater. Plasma water treatment is an advanced oxidation process (AOP) / advanced reduction process (ARP) which also provides robust disinfection and bio-decontamination. Our plasma system is ionized gas – the most robust non-chemical water purification platform available. It delivers arc lightning in a reliable, safe and fully scalable cyclonic reactor module.

Plasma Vortex

Our system deploys arc-type plasma in a cyclonic flow reactor. This regime maximizes plasma exposure providing more reactions through a robust, continuous blast. Plasma Vortex is the only plasma water treatment device that works in any water quality (any salinity or TDS). It operates without moving parts, showers, sprays, scaffolds or needle points inside the treatment reactor while minimizing electrode erosion.

Water enters tangentially at the top, spins down, then exits at the center top through a reverse vortex tornado flow like a cyclonic separator. Gas is injected through an electrode set connected to an arc generator at the bottom, igniting plasma, and stretching it through the arc reactor.

Key Features and Benefits

Plasma Vortex is approximately 97% more energy-efficient than incineration and is designed to reduce cost and energy for treating water and wastewater in today’s most vexing industrial environments and remediation challenges.

  • Oxidizes organic chemical contaminants
  • Destroys microbiological organisms
  • High radical density
  • Delivers an array of oxidants and disinfectants simultaneously for higher performance and efficiency
  • Strong UV emission with no lamp to get coated for reduced transmissivity
  • Cyclone flow reactors increase residence time of water and plasma exposure
  • Patented plasma channel “stretching” increases plasma-water interface
  • Flow design provides self-cooling to protect plasma electrodes from erosion
  • Reduces operating costs as well as chemicals and chemical storage
  • Onsite treatment reduces wastewater transportation costs
  • Plasma is directed energy, and its primary input is electrification.

Plasma Vortex vs. Water Treatment Using Chemicals

  • Reduces or eliminates residual sludges from chemical treatment
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical storage and handling
  • Is powered by electrification

Onvector’s Plasma Vortex is certified by Solar Impulse as an energy-saving solution.

Onvector’s Plasma Vortex is certified by Solar Impulse as an energy-saving solution.